Senegal – haiti : Abdoulaye Wade donated 500 thousand dollars to the Haitian people

The president, Abdoulaye Wade, has decided, »on behalf of the Senegalese people »to »a »symbolic gift of 500 thousand U.S. dollars (about 250 million francs CFA) to demonstrate its » compassion »to the Haitian people who suffered an earthquake on Tuesday announced the Foreign Ministry in a statement received Saturday at the APS.

 »The people of Haiti has been hit again by a natural disaster that has killed tens of thousands of dead and missing persons (…) For the purpose of showing compassion to the people of Haiti, President of the Republic, on behalf of the Senegalese people, decided to make a symbolic donation of 500 thousand dollars U.S. to the Haitian people, »the sources added.

According to a report given Saturday by the Haitian authorities, there would be 50,000 deaths and more than one million people affected. Since the disaster, international aid is organized to help people.

Beyond this gift, »the people of Senegal is committed to provide the Haitian people, to the extent of his means, all necessary support to rebuild their country », said the Foreign Ministry.

This tragic event »is deeply and painfully felt by the Senegalese people who share with this brother country which creates this suffering around the world an immense outpouring of solidarity, »the statement said.

By this gesture, the head of the Senegalese government »intends to demonstrate the interest aroused by his level where our black brothers of the Caribbean ».  »It is also for him to make the active solidarity of the people of Senegal with the Haitian people. »


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