Haiti – senegal : President Wade suggested to host the Haitians in Africa

The president, Abdoulaye Wade, has expressed his intention to submit a »resolution »to the African Union so that Africa expresses its solidarity and offer its hospitality to the people of Haiti, a victim Tuesday viiolent earthquake .

Speaking Friday before the parliament, President Wade has proposed to offer hospitality to the people of Haiti Africa.

Anticipating the question of where to accommodate the Haitians on the continent, the head of state said that a dialogue will find »a solution ».

 »This is not the first time this happens in the story. Liberia has a population of black Americans who, at one point wanted to leave America to return to their homeland. At first it was difficult, but today they have intermarried with local people for the people of Liberia united around a common ideal, »he said.

Continuing his remarks, President Wade said: »This is why I will submit to the African Union a resolution to show the people of Haiti solidarity and to offer them our hospitality. »

 »Maybe it will accept the Haitians. Maybe they will not accept. But they will record our willingness to help, »he said.

The Head of State believes qu »’ils are entitled to the land of Africa as we are, »noting that »this is not a light heart that they are parties (…) and that » ‘returning to Africa, they will simply go home.

After thanking »the Western powers »for their help during this difficult time, the president said he would »remove »Haiti.

But »it depends on which Haiti is an independent country. We have excellent relationships with many Haitians who live among us (…), »he said, citing the example of the Lemoine family which included Lucien Lemoine died recently in Dakar.

For Abdoulaye Wade, »because »the proliferation of natural disasters in Haiti »and especially the closer in time », Africans must »imagine »something else.

He said »sure the Africans will help »Haitians who survived the earthquake, »before launching a call for all Senegalese, and aliens among us for them to contribute to Haiti in an account opened for that purpose by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. »

 »We will take steps to achieve this assistance to our brothers and sisters of the Republic of Haiti, »he said.

According to the Senegalese President, through the massive earthquake that struck Haiti, Africa and its diaspora »are once again mourning a tragedy to very serious consequences. »

 »This is not the first time this has happened and each time the Haitians to regain confidence and start working, »said the head of state.


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