Evacuation of Haitians to Africa, but what planet lives Abdoulaye the polemicist?

He just issued a brilliant idea, our beloved President, which suggests an evacuation of Haitians to Africa. In any case, bravo. Given the magnitude of the tragedy, all ideas are welcome, albeit the least thoughtful.

A fixation on the past

Africa, which has trouble taking off and solve its many problems related to sanitation and urbanization, the image of Dakar, whose suburban wading in flood waters from years past, by what means can she accommodate a population or a whole country at the other end of the world? Failing to offer a sustainable solution and relocate the affected neighborhoods of the capital, despite the poor merits of the plan « ? Jaxaay? » Which we do not tell us where did much of the funding, Abdoulaye Wade, in a of solidarity and pan-Africanism inveterate proposes to depopulate Haiti, thereby forgetting that charity begins at hers. If confined to evacuate the survivors only, as quoted in the article published in « ? The Sun? » There would be no objection. The President should probably ignore how the tragedy of Haiti is serious for an excuse to plan « ? Jaxaay? » International. That way no one any political or attempt recovery of illicit enrichment on the backs of Haitians, as was the case with victims of the suburbs of Dakar. By dint of passing the third of his life between two planes, Wade, who has a hard time putting her feet and her suitcases on earth has come to believe that in this world while still suspended in the air than any is removable and mean « ? balloon? ». He dedicated a book pardon any « ? » A Life for Africa? « And a monument, or shall we say, a statue as he has recently restated. And now, to complete his ideas « ? Ultra Shine, Abdoulaye proposes the polemicist »? Restocking? « The dark continent, to return (almost forced) to the homeland which has just passed the one billion population. With all the tragedies afflicting the continent, it is not tomorrow that Africa will delight the star to the West, immigration. Not Abdoulaye Wade no longer foreigners who repeatedly returned to their countries of origin. If he began by saying, if our country would agree to host the Haitian people, under what conditions and with what means he had to do it? Unless required of those who have helped « ? Possess? » Apartments and companies abroad to repay every cent of taxpayer money that they have confused their personal piggy bank, so to fund this project could not be more unrealistic. It remains to assume that Abdoulaye Wade, very nostalgic 19th century, believed that Marcus Garvey was still alive, and that the « ? » Back to Africa movement? « Is still valid. One day, he will eventually tell us is that the Ku Klux Klan who made the earth tremble in Haiti after Gustav triggered a storm two years ago. Do not see any symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, because each country has its own calamities. Haiti has its own, which generate a lot of compassion, and we have ours, which do much damage an earthquake, such statements by a president who has trouble staying above the fray, and whose output two is a source of controversy. The Haitian people, as was said and reiterated the President « ? Are entitled to the African soil? ». The question remains, if they want.


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